installation of artificial turf in east anglia

Real Turf vs Artificial Turf in East Anglia

Real Turf vs Artificial Turf in East Anglia

East Anglian Turf Wars – Settling the Debate

In recent times the debate has been rife on which surface is better for a garden in East Anglia. Real turf has always been a mainstay in landscaped gardens around East Anglia however it’s younger, flashier brother – artificial turf – is now becoming more and more predominant.

What are the benefits of real turf in East Anglia:

  • It is more environmentally friendly
  • It is cheaper than artificial turf
  • Well maintained, it can look stunning
  • Animals generally prefer it

What are the benefits of artificial turf in East Anglia:

  • It is much more hard-wearing than real turf
  • It will always look good
  • It requires almost no maintenance
  • It never gets overgrown

installation of artificial turf in east anglia

Real Turf is More Environmentally Friendly

There is no denying, stripping out something living from your back garden and replacing it with something artificial is never going to be environmentally friendly. If you are environmentally conscious, artificial turf may not be for you. Real turf can promote wildlife visits to your garden when artificial turf may not.

The Cost Debate – Is Real Turf really Cheaper than Artificial Turf in East Anglia?

So one thing is for certain, at the initial installation stage, real turf is cheaper than artificial turf. In the long run however, maybe not. When you consider the upkeep costs associated with real turf and artificial turf you will realise that artificial turf actually works out cheaper. Thus when considering the costs of your new turf, you need to think about whether you would like more upfront cost or more ongoing cost. Check out NeoGrass for more on artificial turf vs real turf cost comparison.

Real Turf DEFINITELY Requires More Maintenance

…. but this might not be a bad thing? If you are someone that doesn’t have much spare time, the big benefit of artificial turf is that it needs no maintenance. This would of course be a negative for someone that wants to spend time taking care of their garden. Maintenance is definitely a matter of perspective. If you want a lawn that never needs touched – artificial turf is for you. If you like to get out in the garden on a warm summers day with the lawnmower – real turf is for you. Read more on domestic landscaping in East Anglia.

installation of well maintained real turf in east anglia

What Looks Better, Real Turf or Artificial Turf in East Anglia

Sorry, we have another ‘if’ here. Given the right due care and attention (a lot of it) real turf can look absolutely stunning, to a level that you could never reach with artificial turf. If you don’t have several hours a week to put to maintaining your lawn it is more likely that artificial turf will look better than it’s real brother. Similar to the aforementioned maintenance debate, if you have time then real turf is your winner. However, if you don’t it’s artificial turf all the way. Read more on commercial landscaping in East Anglia.

Conclusion – What is the Best Type of Turf in East Anglia

A lot of our answers to the questions throughout this page included if’s, but’s and maybe’s. However, we have some conclusive information here. Essentially if you have time to care for your garden, working on the lawn to ensure it is well maintained then real turf is for you. You can enjoy your summers days working in the garden to achieve that fantastically stunning real turf look. If you want a lawn that is hard-wearing – fit and forget – artificial turf is the one for you, not just in East Anglia but around the country.


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